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Lieke Lenaerts (°1993) is a Belgian designer. In 2018 Lieke graduated as Master of Arts in Product Design. In her work she focuses on the communicative aspects of design to inform the public about certain topics (i.e. from the relationship between crafts and local heritage to the complexity of the human mind). Her research-based working method can result in functional and experimental designs, balancing between an object and an experience.


In 2019 Lieke started a position as designer-researcher at LUCA School of Arts Genk, Belgium, where she’s involved in projects focusing on design for people with dementia. In 2020, Lieke began a PhD to contribute to the accessibility of design for people with dementia as the end-user. In her doctoral research (i.e. the DMNT-project) she focuses on the development of artefacts, tools and approaches for designers to emerge an empathic understanding for people with dementia, without having direct contact with the end-user. 

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