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Lieke Lenaerts

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Designstudio Lieke Li. creates delicate handcrafted objects as part of The Stucmarble Project. The project revolves around the stucmarble technique, known in Italy as ‘scagliola’. Stucmarble is made using traditional natural materials; gypsum, pigment and skin glue to create a marble-like looking surface. The technique originated in Italy and spread to other parts of Europe during the Baroque period. Nowadays the technique is only performed by a handful of restorers.


The stucmarble project aims to trigger the public’s interest in this craftsmanship, to the point where consumers  choose unique objects rather than mass production. Lieke has worked with the stucmarble craft to create a range of unique objects, including rough bowls and minimal shapes. The Stucmarble Project is an ongoing exploration which stems from a project Lieke created for her first Bachelor’s year at the LUCA School Of Arts back in 2014. The goal is to integrate the stucmarble craft as part of a future that’s more sustainable. 


To trigger the public’s interest in the stucmarble technique, workshops are organized at different locations. During the workshop we focus on the different techniques for creating marble veins. We’ll make four coasters and one platter for you to take home. Tickets are €55 including a glass of prosecco or crodino to get you in a creative Italian mood.

17 May 2020: Stucmarble - Workshop, BKRK, Bokrijk, BE

7 June 2020: Stucmarble - Workshop, Studio Lieke Li. Lommel, BE

4 Sep 2020: Stucmarble - Workshop, BKRK, Bokrijk, BE
For workshop requests contact Studio Lieke Li. 



BKRK museumshop, Bokrijk, BE
For specific requests contact Studio Lieke Li. 



Oct 2019: Open Studio - Designblok International Design Festival, Prague, CZ

July 2018: Craftswoman of the future - BKRK Summer Festival, Bokrijk, BE

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